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How to Join the Picket Lines?

🔗Sign up for picketing!

For picketing efforts, please report to one of these dispatch locations:

Hall Mezz (Room H-239)

EV Junction (Room EV 2.785)

🕗Please arrive 30 minutes before the start of your class to be dispatched to your picketing location. The first meet-up of the day is at 8 am, with additional meet-up times throughout the day.

All students are welcome to present themselves at any dispatch location to be assigned to a picket line, regardless of their program. You can choose to picket your own department or others.

🥐☕️🧃🍫🥗Lunch will be served by People’s Potato in the Hall Mezz on Wednesday. Snacks and drinks will also be available at all dispatch locations.

🤔🤨🧐Additionally, if you have any questions or need more information about the strike, please feel free to show up at the dispatch stations.

🧷🟥Your participation and support are crucial to our movement. Let’s stand together to fight for fair education policies!

Click to access the Tip line form to alert dispatchers of classes with midterms or especially argumentative professors!

The students united will never be defeated.

Contact Us with Any Questions Regarding the Strike

Have questions about which activities might be affected such as midterms and other assessments by the upcoming strike? 
Feel free to ask us any questions using the form below, and we’ll provide you with the information you need!

You can provide us with specific details regarding your inquiry.

What does Striking Entail?

It’s a disruption of university activities ranging from classroom disruptions to a full pause from academic activities.

Read more about the Strike Motion following the Special General Meeting (SGM) from March 4th.

How Can I get Involved?

→ Join ECAMOB, ECA’s very own mobilization committee. Help us mobilize our fellow students to take actions to stop the tuition hikes. This includes making classroom announcements, tabling and talking with ECA students, planning mobilization events, etc.

Join us on the picket lines!

→ Join us on the streets to fight back on March 13th, 3pm at Mackay & De Maisonneuve, mark your calendars!

→ and most importantly …


from march 13th to 15th

How Can I get Updated?

Follow us on instagram @ecaconcordia to get more recent updates.

Sign up for the newsletter to get our weekly ECA updates that will share any updates from the strike, including usual ECA activities.

Most Frequent Questions

We know striking and picketing is a confusing time, especially since the ECA hasn’t been on strike since 2012!

ℹ️ We’ve prepared a short FAQ to answer some of the common Q’s we’ve gotten since our SGM.

🫵 We’ve got more content coming, stay tuned or reach out to get involved.

Click the image to register for picketing and to learn more!

Thank you for joining us on the streets to fight back!

March 13th, 3pm at Mackay & De Maisonneuve

Read more about the situation ...

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