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November 2022

Fri, Nov 4
Sat, Nov 5
Sun, Nov 6
Mon, Nov 7
Fri, Nov 7
Fri, Nov 11
Fri, Nov 11
Sun, Nov 13
Tue, Nov 15
Fri, Nov 25
Fri, Nov 25
Sun Nov 27

Space Concordia Lizard Lounge
KGP Competition
End of Englympics
Start of IISE Industry Week
End of IISE Industry Week
Start of Enggames Chalet
CSME x IEEE Lizard Lounge
End of Enggames Chalet
Cubes OIQ Info Session
Start of CREIQ Chalet 2
Cubes Lizard Lounge
End of CREIQ Chalet 2

December 2022

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