Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

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  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
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The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is a global association of engineers and experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries. Concordia SAE is a student-run chapter of SAE International. We design, manufacture and test vehicles to race in international competitions that draw more than 4,500 students from 500 universities worldwide every year. It’s the perfect opportunity to apply engineering theory to the real world!

SAE is comprised of 5 teams:

Formula: The competition is very similar to the International Formula 1 competitions, and pushed to innovate by using an electrical drivetrain. It is comprised of 5 dynamic events: Acceleration, Skid Pad, Auto-cross, Efficiency, and Endurance, as well as a design presentation during which the team explains their design process and decisions. Encompassing all aspects of the trade, teams design, manufacture, test and market the car, keeping costs at a minimum.

Baja: One of SAE International's most extreme competitions, it challenges students to produce an off-road racing vehicle capable of enduring severe punishment on rough terrains and some of the most grueling events undertaken by student built vehicles. The team designs, manufactures, and tests their vehicle before bringing it to official competitions featuring 100 universities from around the world. The team has been highly successful this last year, achieving a top ten title with their new 4WD baja, ‘Expo’. The official competition is comprised of 4 dynamic events (Acceleration, Suspension and Traction, Hill climb/Sled pull, and Maneuverability), a 4 hour endurance race, and finally a series of static events featuring a sales presentation, design presentation, and cost report.

Aero Design: The competition challenges teams to design and build radio-controlled aircrafts: a passenger plane that carries both high-density cargo and dozens of low-density tennis balls, and a tightly packed heavy lift plane. Power is regulated and teams need to develop strong yet lightweight and efficient airplanes.

Business: With the goals of helping the other teams acquire and manage sponsorships, participate in cost analysis and business presentations, as well as overall bringing that aspect and experience of business and marketing that competition teams need to be successful, the Business team is quickly becoming a vital part of the society.

Connect: Working in both Aero and Auto fields, these 2 teams, while being relatively new, focus on researching and developing ai-driven unmanned systems in order to help people and achieve specific goals.