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HackConcordia is Concordia University’s official hackathon society. The team is composed of dedicated undergraduate students from multiple majors whose mission is to pursue the hackathon tradition at Concordia University, inaugurated by ConUHacks, the biggest hackathon in the province of Quebec.

A hackathon is typically a 24-36 hour coding marathon, where anyone interested in programming can create projects from scratch in collaborative teams. Prior knowledge of programming is NOT a necessity; Hackathons are a great place to start learning! Everybody benefits greatly, as sponsoring companies send mentors to give valuable industry tutelage during the event. Hackathons have also become the unofficial career fairs allowing recruiters and students to connect for unique internship opportunities.

At HackConcordia we:

• Organize Concordia’s annual Hackathon, ConUHacks to welcome more than 600+ brilliant coders and designers from across North America.
• Plan tutorials, events to promote the hacking culture at Concordia and beyond.
• Travel free of charge across Canada and the US to attend the biggest hackathons out there;
(Buses are organized to multiple locations such as Yale, Harvard, MIT, etc.)
• Make great projects to showcase on your resume to impress companies or future employers.
• Hack, code, sleep, repeat.

“Hack is temporary, glory is forever”