Concordia University Building Engineering Society (CUBES)

The Concordia University Building Engineering Society (CUBES) was founded in order to represent the Concordia’s undergraduate Building Engineering student body. We aim to offer our students experiences that go beyond the classroom, letting them peek into the real world. We are here for YOU! All our funds go to organizing the events and workshops YOU need!

We organize:

-ASP courses (Health and Safety on the Construction Site) covering a portion of the student’s fees!

-Networking Cocktails with special guests and possible recruiters!
-Visits to conferences and expos on the building technologies and industry!
-Tutorials on prominent software (AutoCAD, Revit)!
-Volunteering Opportunities
-Engineering Design and/ or Consulting Competitions, where you can have a hands-on experience on designing and problem-solving
-Fun game nights and activities!
-Weekly meetings; ALL are welcome!
-Books to read or borrow during our office hours.