Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineers - Concordia Branch (CSME)

  • 2160 Bishop (B-annex) room B-01
  • Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineers - Concordia Branch (CSME)
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We are a project and competition oriented society that is motivated to get students to learn by doing! One of the most important parts of mechanical engineering is getting your hands dirty and really experiencing what it’s like to build something designed on your computer and bringing it to life.

CSME Concordia is a Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers undergraduate branch with a focus on educating students about the possibilities surrounding 3D printing. Our society brings in ideas of sustainability and recycling of plastic waste, which is a common byproduct of 3D printing that often goes straight to landfills.

Every year, CSME participates in multiple competitions and projects related to 3D printing. In addition, our society runs a 3D printing order service where parts are printed for other engineering societies and students for their projects!