Concordia Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE)

  • B-Annex, B-203
  • Concordia Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE)

Year after year, the imaginative and poignant members of CSCE welcome all to take part in their shear and slightly bending moments of awesomeness. Every year, CSCE hosts several social and academic events, and our team captains for the Concrete Canoe, the Concrete Toboggan as well as The Troitsky Bridge Building Competition are all actively seeking members who are eager to apply their engineering knowledge to design and build winning entries. Living in Montreal can be difficult for the student balance, and preparing for your future as an engineer can be daunting. Don't stress from the compressive forces! CSCE is here to help you get hands-on experience as well as provide students with networking opportunities that will put you ahead. Contact us or come by our headquarters at the B-Annex!