Aerospace Engineering

I am Tharushi Rathnayaka, a third-year international student pursuing Aerospace Engineering and specializing in Avionics and Aerospace Systems. I am excited to be part of the ECA executive team this year as the VP of Academic Affairs for the 2022-2023 mandate. I was involved with the ECA for two years now, which has allowed me to thoroughly gain more knowledge on our mandate and vision. During the last two years, we arranged many resourceful events for students ranging from workshops to successful networking events. I look forward to enhancing academics at Concordia by organizing crash course tutorials, info sessions, networking events and the Iron Ring ceremony for the future graduates. I strongly encourage you all to get involved with student life and have fun while pursuing your studies. The academic team is here to provide a voice for you so take advantage of it. If you are looking forward to getting involved with academic activities or have any ideas on how to improve academics at Concordia feel free to reach out!