Aerospace Engineering

Hey GCS students!

I am a 4th year Aerospace Engineering student, and I am once again your VP Marketing & Communications for the upcoming year. My role is to manage the ECA social media and newsletter, design the awesome swag that you are going to receive at various events, and make sure you are well informed.

My goal for the upcoming year is to increase the student social life in ENCS. Concordia is filled with wonderful societies that will open their arms to everyone interested in joining. A lot of students believe that it’s best not to get involved since they want to focus on grades. However, student life is more than getting good grades. Getting involved allows you to meet people, gain experience, and most importantly have fun. As someone who is involved in different student associations such as ECA, Enggames, and Concrete Toboggan, I can tell you that it has significantly improved my university experience!