Industrial Engineering

Hi everyone!

I am a 3rd-year coop industrial engineering student and your MIAE department representative for the 2022-23 academic year. You may know me from basically any INDU/business case competition by Concordia or as a Full-Sender from the last Frosh. My duty as MIAE rep is to make you more aware of what Concordia has to offer, help you get more involved with social life and be the point of contact for anything you may need as an engineering student. You can reach out to me via when you need someone to raise your concerns to higher authorities in faculty councils and ECA meetings.

Throughout this year, I will be organizing orientation tours, informative workshops about our department, and am always open for your suggestions to organize additional events. If you see me in Webster Library or Milton Cafe, don’t hesitate to say hi. We have a great year ahead of us and I will be there for you to guide you through it.