Faiqa Nissar

Aerospace engineering

Assalamu alaikum y’all,

First and foremost, whoever is reading this is very similar to me because you don’t know what I am going to say and *drum rolls*, neither do I.

My name is Faiqa. I’ll be starting my second year of Aerospace Engineering in the fall. I joined ECA because I wanted to be a part of giving students a platform to express themselves and live their college life to the fullest. Alhamdulillah, I am now the External Director of ECA for the academic year 21-22. I’ll be involved in obtaining external sponsors and, hopefully, having fun with all of you at various events.

Finally, you have no idea how satisfying it is to reach the end of a brilliantly written introduction. Unfortunately, neither do I.

Have a fantastic year ahead, feel free to contact any of us, and don’t hesitate to be more socially active and live the hell out of this life.