Donya Meshgin

Software Engineering

Dear fellow students of the GCS of Engineering and Computer Science,I am thrilled to be serving you all as the ECA’s Chairperson during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Meanwhile, I’ll be finishing my final year of my Software Engineering degree.

During my time here, I had the pleasure of being engaged in student life and in various academic facets of Concordia life.

I enjoyed getting involved as the Vice President of Corporate Relations and the Director of Policy and Advocacy at Engineers Without Borders (Concordia Chapter), by helping with organizing and participating in various events, fundraisers lizard lounges, and conferences. I also love being a part of the academic side of Concordia life too, as a Teaching Assistant, a Research Assistant, and even as an activity organizer at Concordia’s All-Girls Summer Engineering and Technology Camp.

Since I’ve always had a blast while participating in various competitions and events organized by the ECA and its member associations throughout the years, I’m excited to return in hopes being able to give back to this wonderful community.As the Chairperson of the ECA, my main goal is to make sure all formal proceedings run smoothly in an orderly and efficient manner. To do so, I prepare and present the meeting agendas based on the points and topics brought forth to me by the member Associations’ Councilors and the ECA’s Board Of Directors. I uphold order during all Board of Directors meetings and Advisory Council meetings, as per the Robert’s Rules of Order. My mandate also involves ensuring that the Association’s Bylaws and policies are adhered to; I want to make sure that I apply them in a fair manner, based on the context as well, while always keeping the ECA’s mission in mind.Above all, if you have any questions regarding student life or more academic parts to Concordia life, don’t hesitate to contact me (via email or LinkedIn). I would love to help make your time here at Concordia as meaningful as possible!