Chloe Law

Software Engineering

Hello guys!

I am Chloe Law and I am in my second year of my Software Engineering degree. I am excited to be the VP Social of this upcoming year in the Engineering & Computer Science Association of Concordia. My goal is to create unforgettable social events to increase student involvement because this will establish great connections and friendships throughout your university years.

I started my Student Life journey by meeting some amazing people in the ECA’s FROSH in 2020 where I met the most heartwarming people from the Engineering Games that welcomed me to their events. Planning FROSH 2021 was a challenge but it was totally worth it to see everyone having fun and for me to meet new faces.

I hope to see you all get involved throughout your few years at Concordia because there has got to be an event or competition that you want to take part of. I can’t wait for Halloween, future Lizard Lounges and the winter FROSH! I urge you to reach out if you wish to leave a feedback or have an idea for any insane party ideas!

See you soon 😊