Benjamin Maniraguha

Benjamin Maniraguha

Vice-President of Social Affairs

Aerospace Engineering

Hello everyone,

My name is Ben Maniraguha. I am a student in great academic standing and who is heavily implicated in co-curricular events and range from social, volunteering and academics. This will my second year as your Vice President of Social Affairs. Looking back on the past year, there were a lot of successes, and learning experiences, from which I believe, myself and the team learned from. I truly hope that we can come together and show everyone what Concordia is made of. The next 4 (or more) years of our lives should remain forever tattooed in our hearts and in order to do so we must both WORK AND PLAY HARD.

As much as I emphasize the importance of blowing off steam and participating in social events. If ever one of you finds themselves in an unfavorable situation in your classes, don’t be shy to come see me. Come to the ECA office (H-838), I will gladly take a couple of hours to help you!!

Together, Let us make the 2016-2017 Academic school year as memorable as possible.

One Love, #SOCIAL