Chloe Law

Chloe Law

External Social Director

Software Engineering

Chloe Law

Hello, students of Concordia Engineering and Computer Science of Gina Cody School!

I am Chloe Law and I am in my second year of my software engineering degree. I am excited to be the External Social Director of this upcoming year in the Engineering & Computer Science Association of Concordia. My goal is to create unforgettable social events to increase student involvement because this will establish great connections and friendships throughout your university years.

I started my Student Life journey by meeting some amazing people in the ECA’s FROSH in 2020 where I met the most heartwarming people from the Engineering Games that welcomed me to their events. I have managed to reach third place in the First Edition Badgers’ Sett Entrepreneurial Competition in my first semester which really encouraged me to be part of Concordia’s Student Life.

I hope to see you all get involved throughout your few years at Concordia because there has got to be an event or competition that you definitely want to take part in. I can’t wait to plan all the events of the upcoming year.

I urge you to reach out if you wish to leave feedback or have an idea for any insane party ideas!