Zafir Mohammad Khalid

Zafir Mohammad Khalid

Computer Science & Software Engineering (CSSE) Representative

General Computer Science

Zafir Mohammad Khalid

Hi Everyone!

I’m a first year computer science student at Concordia University, although I haven’t been here very long I’ve had my fair share of involvement in student activities outside of the classroom.

Whether you’re a participant, organizer or volunteer. Getting involved is the first step to growing and learning. As the CSSE representative, I hope to see more student participation in extra curricular activities.

In addition to that, I would also like to be a helping hand to any student that feels lost in their program. From picking courses to choosing specifications, I will try my best to give a better insight of what life can be like at Concordia University.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Always looking forward to helping!