Lucave Manolache

Lucave Manolache


Aerospace Engineering

Hi ENCS Students,

I'm a 3rd year aerospace engineering student and I will be your chairperson for the 2020-2021 year. My involvement during my degree so far has been diverse, from being a frosh leader to being an active members of Enggames and Space Concordia and finally participating in competitions such as CQI, Engweek and Troitsky. I look forward to bringing my experience to the ECA team.

As your chairperson, I'll be acting as a bridge between the ECA and engineering student societies by providing and presenting an agenda at meetings with the Board of Directors and Council meetings on behalf of the Association.

Thank you for your vote of confidence and let’s make sure everyone involved in the ENCS faculty has a great year despite the numerous challenges that 2020 brings us. On a final note, please don’t be shy to ask me questions if you have any, whether it’s about the ECA, school life or sports!