Erman Akman

Erman Akman

Director of Competitions

Mechanical Engineering

Hello everyone,

I am a second-year Mechanical Engineering student. I have been a really involved person throughout my high school life, attending, and hosting many different competitions, organizations, and charities all around the world. I managed to reach 2nd place worldwide in RoboRave Entrepreneurship Competition. Also founded the Mechatronics club back at my high school. These were the main reasons which inflamed my passion and directed me towards Mechatronics Engineering.

I always pushed harder to organize better events, and to create a more welcoming community, and I am still continuing with the same passion I had, whilst never planning on retiring. During my first year, I noticed the absence of a Turkish Association at Concordia, and thus founded it, helped those in need via BestBuddies, and became a part of the ELC(Events & Leadership Community).

Concordia University, with its competitions, and events has a hugely nourishing and fun environment. Thus as a member of the ECA, I want to ensure that everybody who is related to Concordia University, gets to live the best experiences they can, even with these extreme circumstances we are facing.