William Bergamin

William Bergamin

Vice-President of Social Affairs

Computer Engineering

Welcome ENCS Students,

For those of you who have not yet met me, my name is William Bergamin and I am this years Vice-President of Social Affairs #VPSauce. I am also a 3rd year Computer Engineering student. My main duty as an ECA executive is to organise all social events during the academic year, including Orientation/Frosh which is my biggest responsibility.

A little bit about me: I’ve been a member of UVA and Engineering Games at Concordia. During that time, I also participated in various hackathons and engineering competitions. Last year I joined the ECA by becoming a member of the Frosh Committee. Following this, I became Director of Social Affaires and now I am Vice-President of Social Affairs.

I aim to include all student and, more importantly, wish to get them involved with Concordia Engineering. I have witness myself the types of remarkable friendships and knowledge that are created and acquired when you put yourself out there and get involved. Letting students cruise through university without them trying to get involved, in some way, is a waste of their potential. As a co-op student myself, I have witnessed how helpful it is to get involved when searching for internships.

I can’t wait to meet and work with every single one of you during the next academic year!