Sam Driver

Sam Driver

Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering Representative

Building Engineering


This will be my second year here at Concordia in the Building Engineering program and I am elated to be part of ECA’s team this year.

As students, I think we can all agree that we could not have gotten where we are today if it weren’t for some particular people who were so heavily involved in each of our lives. I know I can.

Personally, this is what I find truly captivating about academics and life in general. Put an inspired, motivated, and determined group of people together in a room to solve one common problem; you’ve got yourself a recipe for a solid solution. This is the underlying value that I am always so eager to chase here at Concordia.

We’ve all grown up different ways, come from different places, experienced different experiences, have different ambitions and goals – imagine the ideas we can share. With the proper tools, we can use these ideas to move towards a better and richer academic life.

This brings me to my final note, if you have any concerns related to the Building and Civil Engineering programs here at Concordia, have an idea that you think could benefit yourself and other BCEE students, or you just have a simple question about school, feel free to contact me.

About me, My favourite sports are football and snowboarding. I also enjoy working out and practicing yoga. My biggest passion, ever since I was a kid, is filming and editing short videos. I am at my most comfortable when I am at a family supper or at a night out with close friends.