Itamar Keren

Itamar Keren

Vice-President of Competitions

Aerospace Engineering

Hey ENCS students!

My name is Itamar Keren and I am this year's Vice-President of Competitions and Sports. For those of you who have not met me fear not for if you get involved in any competitions throughout your academic year you'll most likely run into me every now and then! As your #VPHeat I am responsible for organizing, assisting and helping you bring the heat to any and all competitions that involve ENCS. Whether they are on Concordia campus or at other Universities my job is to insure we are there and prepared to not only compete but WIN!

A little bit about myself: I am a fourth year Aerospace Engineering student. I have been participating competitions around campus since my first year resulting in me finding success in Scientific Communication Competition. Soon after I was selected as a delegate for CQI (Quebec Engineering Competition) before getting involved with the ECA as a director for Troitsky and EngWeek which are competitions we host right here on campus.

My mandate is simple. Nothing builds a reputation for a university like it's ability to be competitive. Not only participating but winning the competitions we take part of gives builds a name for Concordia Engineering. My goal is to put Concordia on the map and to set a standard for what we can achieve as a competitive university. Together, we can make Concordia Engineering a feared force to compete against!