Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan

Vice-President of Academic Affairs

Mechanical Engineering

Hi ENCS Students,

My name is Sarah Morgan and I will be this year's VP Academic! My main duties as a member of the ECA Executive are to plan events such as Frosh, Iron Ring Ceremonies, and Crash Tutorials, but also to be a link between students, faculty and the administration. As a fourth year mechanical engineering student, I have had to pleasure of being a member of the Co-op program and a Mechanical Drawing TA. In addition to being an avid runner, I also enjoy working with special needs children, especially teaching them robotics. It was from this love of teaching and sharing my acquired "wisdom" that I decided to run for VP Academic. I want to work on improving the academic lives of students, which starts by ensuring they have the right resources available to them and know how to access them. Feel free to ask me any questions about course sequences or if you're searching for who to turn to in the administration. I am also always interested in hearing new ideas!

The ECA Executives and I have been working all summer to plan the most amazing year and we can't wait to meet you all!