Nasr Leon Abboud

Nasr Leon Abboud

Vice-President of External Affairs

Building Engineering

Hello fellow students!

My name is Nasr, and I am a hard-working self-motivated individual, with clear goals and down to earth vision.

University, as an institution and a major phase in the life of a student, is a leading stepping stone, a bridge that will either join...or separate. It is the place where beliefs, habits and values are shaped, where the wide corporate world takes form.
Here in the ECA, we believe that every student holds the potential to become a leader - a leader of their own life as well as of the life of others. Our mission aims at guiding fellow-students who have embarked on the journey called university, and help them uncover and achieve their fullest potential. Fully aware of the impact of those years on the students’ future ambition and their perception of the outside world, our objective is to help them make the most out of the years spent accumulating life and knowledge.

This is where we, the executive team of the ECA, come from. We share the same frame, the same worries, and the same prime goals. We seek to provide students with the necessary tools and guidance for them to craft their University years, so as they become truly Unforgettable.

It is through these values that I am committed to honor my mandate. I have been assigned to represent the ECA for primary liaisons between bodies outside of Concordia, and responsible for establishing and maintaining corporate relations.
My long-term goal is to impact the Concordia community constructively, by engaging with partners outside of the traditional realm, creating a collaborative environment open to the free exchange of ideas, where creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship can flourish.

Your Friend and Third Year Building Engineering colleague,
Nasr Leon Abboud