Mathieu Pilotte-Boisse

Mathieu Pilotte-Boisse

Vice-President of Internal Affairs

Industrial Engineering

My name is Mathieu Pilote-Boisse and I am a fourth-year Industrial Engineering student.

When I first started at Concordia, I avoided getting involved for fear that I would be unable to properly balance my time between society activities and my actual classes. In my third year, I decided to get involved in societies such as the Engineering Games and UAV, both of which enriched my experience at Concordia. Just getting involved gave me to the opportunity to meet some incredibly intelligent and talented people who, in turn, have pushed me to try to better myself.

If there is anything that involvement has taught me, it’s that participating in more than just classes is a sure way to accelerate your growth as a future professional and Engineer.

Now here I am, your new VP internal, ready to serve you guys in any way I can. Here’s to hoping we have another great year together, filled with the crushing struggles and exhilarating victories for which University life is known is known for.