Christopher Gallo

Christopher Gallo


Mechanical Engineering

As a mechanical engineering student starting his third year, my passion for being involved in student initiatives led me to serving as the President of UAV Concordia last year, and as their mechanical team lead the year prior. I believe that my values: hard work, passion and reliability have propelled my successes. Through these experiences, I learned what it takes to lead a team, and how to provide the students with memorable experiences—which I promise to you.

This year the ECA team, along with my involvement, will provide you the experiences and resources needed to strike a balance between your academic, extracurricular, and social lives. Major emphases will be placed on improving your career opportunities, facilitating collaborative student society events, as well as incredible social events to familiarize you with the rest of the engineering body.

As many of you will get to know, one of my key defining attributes is my dry humor, and my “great” jokes. Previously, I was an introverted individual who was afraid to get involved with what Concordia has to offer its students. Ever since I took the plunge into the student society waters, I’ve been hooked. I’ve learned that you grow most as an individual through placing yourself in uncomfortable situations.

I look forward to serving you, the students, and ensuring that this academic year the ECA serves you well.

Have a Fantastic Year!
Christopher Gallo