The Engineering & Computer Science Association has 16 active societies. University life isn’t just about getting the degree, it is also about being active and enjoying your time during your studies.

The ECA provides a rich variety of societies that they encourage students to participate in. The societies and competitive teams also plan events and weekly lizard lounges throughout the semester for all ENCS students to take part in. So whether you’re interested in academics, competitions, humanitarian work, etc… don’t hesitate to join a society that feels right for you.


American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

ASHRAE is an American Society founded in 1894. As a building technology society, its members focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainability within the industry. The Concordia chapter of ASHRAE is proud to be one of the three university chapters in Montreal. The society strives to bring exciting activities to not only engineering undergraduates, but all interested students. This year, the Concordia chapter of ASHRAE Montreal has the honor of hosting the annual career fair. Through this networking event, you will be able to get in touch with potential employers from a wide selection of companies. In addition, we will be organizing a trip to ASHRAE’s winter conference in New York. We look forward to seeing you at these events! Students can also gain many benefit from ASHRAE Montreal’s activities, such as monthly dinner conferences at the prestigious Club St-James, a technical monthly journal publication by the Society, a monthly newspaper about the Society. In addition, you will gain access to special programs and scholarships, such as a Student Design Project Competition, Grants-in-Aid, Society and Local Scholarships, and Student Branch Activities. The society welcomes student of all fields!


Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute

The Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (C.A.S.I.) is back in business after a strong reopening of its Concordia University branch two years ago. The 2013–2014 academic year promises to take us to new heights as we offer the student body exciting and innovative opportunities. CASI serves as a forum to bring together industry leaders and university students to promote the aeronautics, space, and remote sensing fields in Canada. Boasting a network of over 1600 members across Canada, CASI members benefit from an international network of contacts, annual workshops, conferences, and publications. Throughout a series of academic and social events, this year’s new CASI-Concordia executive team aims to enhance your academic experience. Concordia students with an interest in aerospace should not hesitate to contact us to find out what we can offer you! In addition to CATIA tutorials, company tours, and other shenanigans, CASI is once again gearing up to compete in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ world renowned Design, Build and Fly (DBF) competition, making Concordia University the only Canadian institution to compete in this event three years running. Don’t miss out, come join us this academic year and experience what CASI has to offer!


Concordia Society of Civil Engineers

After yet another amazing year, the veteran group of executives this year are looking forward to continuing the CSCE traditions. The imaginative and poignant members of this society welcome all to take part in their shear and slightly bending moments of awesomeness. Having several years of experience at Concordia, the members realized they had a mutual admiration of each other’s talents, a strong desire to make a difference and a keen drive to teach others - and we hope that many of you will take advantage of our knowledge and wisdom. Every year, the CSCE host several events, as well as compete in all the concrete competitions. The competitive teams of Concrete Canoe, Concrete Toboggan and The Troitsky Bridge Building Competition are all actively seeking members to get started on applying engineering theory to design and build a winning entry in each competition. Living in Montreal can be difficult for the student balance but we will show you how to have the most fun possible while surviving keg stands, infinite loops, wilderness excursions, Lizard Lounge debauchery and boat races against mirrors. We are known as the party society for a reason. Contact us now and visit our headquarters at the B-Annex!


Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering

After a few years of absence, Concordia’s chapter of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineers (CSME) is back in full swing. CSME’s new dynamic team will ensure that CSME is here to stay, for good. The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1970 with the goal of having a single organization for Canadian mechanical engineers. An organization that would allow all members to stay up to date on the latest developments in mechanical engineering, as well as be aware of various activities at the local, regional, and national levels. Come join CSME to stay on top of all things mechanical happening at Concordia, take part in competitions, access job opportunities and much more! CSME provides students with a great opportunity network with experienced engineers in the industry through conferences and meetings so don’t miss out!


Concordia Undergraduate Building Engineering Society

With a splash of new talent, and the wisdom of veteran members, it is guaranteed that CUBES will soar to new heights in this coming year. Expect to be invited to a wide range of activities hosted by your CUBES committee. These activities will range from various site tours of some of the most interesting construction projects ongoing within the greater Montreal area. We will also be hosting tutorials to help aid students in programs that are sometimes overlooked by our BCEE program such as MATLAB. Now with all this serious stuff aside, CUBES also hosts some less-academic events, such as our semi-annually Wine & Cheese where students, professors and professionals from diverse engineering firms around Montreal gather together. This allows student to start networking and maybe even get an interview! This is a brief introduction to what Cubes is. A full list of our activities with their expected dates will be coming to our Facebook page, Feel free to check it out, and if you have any questions, or better yet suggestions, we encourage you contact us through our email!


As the last remaining Competitive Society under the ECA, our team is set to assemble a delegation of 44 of Concordia’s most socially representative students at the province’s largest engineering competition: the Quebec Engineering Games. This event challenges teams from 11 different universities both mentally and physically in competitions such as field-specific theory, consulting, machine design, sports, and debates, to name a select few. Being a half social, half academic event, Engineering Games provides a fantastic opportunity to network both among other students and among potential employers in a fun, casual environment. While each university strives to achieve glory and distinguish themselves among the rest, the most important aspect of the Games lies in the fact that it enables students to establish a large network of aspiring engineers. Their paths will undoubtedly cross in the future, and having these pre-established bonds is a precious and extremely useful asset in one’s career. Many ex-delegates will attest to the fact that many of their fondest Concordia memories were made as a direct result of having participated in the Games. If you’d like to make the best of your university years while simultaneously investing into your future, consider trying out for the EngGames Team—you won’t regret it.


Engineers Without Borders

The Concordia chapter of Engineers without Borders, founded in 2003, is one of 26 university EWB chapters across Canada. We work hard every year to connect Canadians to Africa through innovative outreach and educational programs. Our chapter keeps on increasing in size by having students like you help us have a greater impact on the causes we promote. We do several fundraising events, provide workshops to Concordia students on concepts such as development and fair trade, and youth engagement through presentations to Montreal-area high schools on water, food and sustainability issues in developing countries. Check our contact information to find out how you can join us! We ensure that you will have a blast!


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEEE is your all in one solution for all your electronics needs. We offer a FREE open lab for ALL engineering students, fully loaded with tons of specialized equipment such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal generators and hand tools you can work with. Come work on personal projects (beginners welcome!) while receiving help from our team of knowledgeable volunteers or just come by to chill out during your breaks, there’s plenty of room. But wait, there’s more! Every semester, we organize awesome parties with an emphasis on everything being FREE for engineering students (our legendary free smoked meat luncheon is now a Concordia tradition). We also host tutorials geared at helping students apply electrical theory learnt in school to fun projects like robots and learn handy skills such as soldering. Visit our website for office hours and like us on Facebook to get notified of all our epic events.


Institute of Industrial Engineers

The Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE) Concordia Chapter is proud to welcome all new and returning students for the 2013-2014 academic year. IIE Concordia chapter is a representative of the International Institute of Industrial Engineering, which is the world’s largest professional society dedicated solely to the support of the industrial engineers by providing leadership, education, training, research, and development of all industrial engineering field aspects. Here at Concordia, the goal of IIE is to provide a full mentorship to students during their degree in order to prepare them for their profession. Such mentorship will enhance students’ soft skills and expand their knowledge about many aspects and opportunities of industrial engineering field. Our goal is achievable through offering networking and social events, plant tours, class guest speakers, tutorials and competitions. Furthermore, IIE is offering students the chance to participate in the annual IIE national conference, which will be hosted this year by Ryerson University in Toronto. The annual IIE national conference is a wonderful opportunity for students to have fun, network, learn and compete against other students from other Canadian universities. In brief, the IIE team works hard so that students get the most out of their university experience. Have any inquiries? Want to be involved with IIE to achieve its goal? Want to stay in the loop with what’s going on? Then join our mailing list by sending us an email or joining us on Facebook (IIE Concordia Chapter).


National Society of Black Engineers

Do you want to meet more people like you? Ambitious students looking to broader their professional network and excel academically. Who are interested in helping each other to succeed as a group instead of being in competition? Who has the desire to make a positive difference in this world and learn how to optimize your time? Who wants to travel and network with young promising professionals across the globe? NSBE is for you. The National Society of Black Engineers is an association that had its humble beginnings in 1971, in the United State with a powerful mission. Initially, the purpose of the association was to bring support and structure to the students that were in a minority. Alarming ratio stated that 80% of the black engineers would drop out after the first year. Facing such impasse, NSBE was created, as a family to sustain the future of this nation. Today, NSBE has grown into an international association, reaching over 35 000 members in close to 400 chapter in several continent. Our goal is to increase the number of minority students studying engineering, science, math and technology at both the undergraduate and graduate level. We also target the youth to encourage and advise their pursuit of an engineering career. This association is for anyone who believes in NSBE’s mission. We have lots of great programs planned for the year, such as community outreach, study-session, volunteering, raising funds, get-togethers, and much more. One of the highlights of the year is our annual Convention, which offers members a chance to visit different state and attend interesting workshops and a major career fair involving approximately 11 000 members across the world. A member chose to which extent they wish to be involved. We enjoy meeting new people and hearing fresh ideas, if you are interested, you may contact us by email, Facebook, or at the office.


Society of Automotive Engineers

Concordia SAE is a student-run society that participates in SAE International Engineering Design Competitions. Our society participates in 4 of those offered: AeroDesign (RC plane), Baja (off-road buggy), Formula (race car) and Supermileage (fuel-efficient vehicle). Each project requires the team to design, manufacture, assemble and test their vehicle, with the purpose of competing in SAE International Competitions and others in North America. On top of learning applied engineering, each project requires its members to learn time and project management, how to work within a team, responsibility and leadership. We are always looking for new members, people who are: motivated, looking to learn, have hands-on experience and love aerospace and racing. Don't have any hands-on experience but want to learn? No problem! Come get involved; we are the best place and have the best resources for members to learn how to use tools, machine and much more. Bonus if you are a workaholic and always looking to improve. Double bonus points if you know how to have fun. We work all the time on our projects and we have a lot of fun while doing it! All academic backgrounds welcome. Contact or visit our website to learn how to join! Check out to learn more about the projects.


Software Engineering and Computer Science Society

The Software Engineering and Computer Science Society welcomes all enthusiasts of software-related things and aids anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of the field. Actually, if you are into coding, video games, hating fake math, or anything geeky, this is the society for you too! This year, we strive for Concordia's strong involvement in competitions. We will actively seek to form teams and prepare the participants for various competitions such as CS Games and the international ACM competition. They're really fun, and allow you to test your skills against others. Throughout the year, we plan social events such as LAN parties, coding nights, gaming day, geek movie nights, etc. We also focus on academia-related activities to compliment what you will learn in class. These include tutorials, meet and greets with the department's teachers, and assisting students in attending IT conferences like CUSEC and CUTC. Finally, during exams, we host a milk and cookie day, where everyone is welcome to a well-deserved break! Through these events, we wish to promote a programming culture at the heart of Concordia's engineering department. If you're interested in participating or helping out, there are many ways to reach us: on Twitter via @scsconcordia, on Facebook under SCS Concordia, on our website, or by sending us an email.


Sustainable Engineering Concordia

Sustainable Engineering Concordia is the latest addition to the engineering societies. Sustainability is not only about reducing human impact on the environment but also about strengthening communities and developing a prosperous future. As engineering and computer science students, you have the capabilities and innovative spirit to make significant contributions to this movement. Sustainable Engineering Concordia will be organizing many events throughout the school year to educate students about the various aspects of sustainable development, as well as providing opportunities to apply sustainable practices in hands-on situations. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: clean energy, food production, manufacturing, transportation, waste management, green building design, environmental restoration, resource management as well as other dimensions of social and economic sustainability. Our dedicated welcomes anyone to participate in our events and projects.

Space Concordia

Space Concordia is a collection of undergraduate engineering students who love building things for space. We believe that hands-on learning is the best way to understand a topic and prepare you for a good career, so we work hard on space-related engineering projects. We have four major projects this year: ConSat-1 Final Assembly and Testing: We're putting the finishing touches on our first CubeSat (a satellite the size of a loaf of bread) and we're working with the European Space Agency to prepare it for launch. ConSat-2 Design and Development: Our second spacecraft-building team, participating in the second round of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, is going to finish designing and start building their satellite this year. Rocket Building: Participating in the international Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition, our Rocketry Division is designing and building a rocket to fly 10,000 feet (about 3KM). Robots on the Moon: The newest addition to Space Concordia's projects list, the Lunabotics team is building on Concordia's heritage at NASA's Lunabotics competition. We're also working on a couple smaller projects, such as a ground station to track satellites. Please contact us at or visit us at EV12.173 if you'd like to get involved!


Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering strives to help Concordia's female engineering students gain academic and financial support, while encouraging their involvement in various competitive teams and social events. We encourage our members to have an active school life and participate in activities of Concordia University’s Engineering and Computer Science Association and those professional societies advocating their respective discipline of Engineering. We endeavor to provide a nurturing atmosphere that will foster the growth of our members’ professional, academic, leadership and social skills. We also have an active outreach program, which is dedicated to increasing the participation of women in the field of engineering by promoting engineering to women and girls of all ages, through activities at elementary, high schools and CEGEPs in Montreal. Note: Women in Engineering does not discriminate and is open to both male and female students.